Orchard Manor

20 Orchard Drive, Grove City PA 16127




Personal Care

The home-like décor welcomes all who enter. A private entrance, an outdoor patio and a TV/Community area are some of the special features that make one feel at home. The 12 rooms all have spacious bathrooms with a shower, ample closet space and are furnished, although Residents are encouraged to bring in personal items to create a familiar, comfortable atmosphere. There is a private Dining Room and specialized diets are available. Activities are carried out within the Residence, as well as in other parts of Orchard Manor and in the community. Residents in our Personal Care Residence continue to see their primary physicians and consulting physicians in the community.

What is Personal Care?

Personal Care is a privately-paid living community in which meals, housing and assistance are provided. Persons who do not require the level of care provided by a long-term care facility, but do require assistance or supervision in activities of daily living.

How do I know if personal care is the right choice?

Personal Care services are for people that need a little help with everyday tasks.

Do you or your loved one need assistance with…

  • getting dressed?
  • preparing meals?
  • bathing or showering?
  • doing light housekeeping (making the bed, doing dishes, laundry, etc.)?
  • getting to the store for groceries or other needs?
  • medications (such as missed doses, wrong amount or mixed-up pills?)

Have you or your loved one fallen lately?

Do you or your loved one get confused sometimes?

Are you or your loved one independent, but occasionally need help?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, Personal Care may be a good option. Our Social Services Department will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.