Orchard Manor

20 Orchard Drive, Grove City PA 16127





How do I go about getting someone admitted to Orchard Manor?

The first step to get someone admitted is to contact Social Services/Admissions. You will need a referral from a physician.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes. Depending on guidelines established, there may be requirements. Please check with Social Services/Admissions for specific information.

Do you have an open bed?

Please contact Social Services/Admissions at 724-458-7760 for bed availability.

What doctors visit your facility?

Dr. Christopher Sprando (Medical Director)

Dr. David Hoyt

Dr. Daniel Ferguson

Dr. Harold Wrigley

In addition to these doctors, physician’s assistants affiliated with them also visit our facility.

Can I keep my Primary Care doctor, if not listed above?

If your doctor does not visit, but is willing to, you may keep him/her. If he/she is not willing, we have a list of doctors that regularly visit the facility, you may switch.

How do I get my family member to a doctor’s appointment?

Although Orchard Manor maintains a van for activities and occasional medical trips, arrangements must be made in advance. Often times nursing will handle arrangements with our Appointment Scheduler and the doctor’s office.

Ambulance membership is encouraged through Superior unless the Resident/Family specifies a different ambulance service. Ambulance service is used for emergencies or doctor authorized, medically necessary trips from one skilled facility to another. Ambulette/Wheelchair Van service through Superior may be utilized for a non-emergency trip for a fee paid to Superior. This service is not covered by ambulance membership.

Do you have visiting hours?

There are no specific visiting hours at Orchard Manor. Families and friends are welcome at all hours. This is especially true if the family member in the Home is ill.

During off hours, 11:00 pm to 5:00 am, visitors are asked to ring the doorbell for admittance.

Are children and/or pets permitted to visit?

Absolutely! Our Residents love visits from children and pets. If there is an occasion where we feel that it is not in the best interest for children or babies to visit, such as an illness outbreak, we will post our recommendations at the entrance.

If you are bringing your pet, please bring a copy of his/her vaccine record. All animals must be on a leash (or otherwise restrained) while visiting.

Can I speak to a Resident on the telephone?

We do not have phones in Resident’s rooms and are unable to connect you directly. However, Residents have access to phones at the nursing stations.

If you prefer, phone service is available through Verizon or Armstrong Utilities at the Resident’s expense. To arrange for telephone service in a Resident’s room, you must call Verizon at 1-800-660-2215 or Armstrong at 724-533-3444. They will need to know the room number and bed (A is closest to the hallway; B is next to the window). i.e: 301A or 410B. Family, friends or the Resident must supply their own phone. Please inform Social Services when establishing phone service, so Maintenance is aware. Personal phones are supplied by the Resident/Family. It may take Verizon or Armstrong 3-5 days before installation is complete.