Orchard Manor

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Providers & Services

Rehabilitative Services

Orchard Manor’s Therapies are provided by Premier Therapy Premier’s goal is to return each Resident to his/her highest level of function through occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Programs are tailored to the individual needs of each Resident and utilize Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies.

The Occupational Therapy department employs a full time Occupational Therapist, a full time Occupational Therapy Assistant and several support staff.  Occupational Therapy provides rehabilitation to Residents recovering from stokes, hip fractures, COPD, CHF, head injuries, arthritis, dementia and other debilitating conditions.  Emphasis is placed on increasing the Resident’s independence with activities of daily living, which include self-feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming and homemaking.  Therapy includes arm strengthening, coordination tasks, introducing use of adaptive techniques or strategies and equipment, promoting proper use of body mechanics, educating Residents on joint protection strategies and proper use of energy conservation techniques.  Wheelchair positioning needs, contracture management and developing aids to promote safe swallowing are also part of the Occupational Therapist’s role.  The overall goal of our Occupational Therapy team is to promote and maximize each Resident’s level of independence with their daily living needs.

The Physical Therapy department employs a full time Physical Therapist, a full time Physical Therapy Assistant and several support staff.  Physical Therapy will work with individuals to address each Resident’s unique challenges that limit them from achieving their maximum functional independence.  Physical Therapy can address pain, decreased balance, decreased joint range of motion, difficulty with walking, frequent falls, decreased endurance, wound care and post-surgical complications.  Our Therapy Team helps Residents and their families achieve functional goals by utilizing modalities, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, moist heat and cold packs, as well as strength training, balance training, and lower extremity bracing.  Education in safety and appropriate use of assistive devices is included in our scope of practice.

Our Speech Pathology department includes two full time Speech-Language Pathologists. Speech-language pathology assists Residents with swallowing and  attention to eating difficulties, communication deficits in understanding and expressing language, voice disorders, disorders in higher language skills, such as decision making and problem solving related to daily living, recent memory skills, orientation and sequencing tasks.  Our team strives to aid each Resident and their families achieve their highest level of functioning.

To learn more about Premier visit their website: www.embracepremier.com

Our Pharmacy Services are provided by Diamond Pharmacy. Based in Indiana, PA the pharmacy provides personalized service and cost-effective pricing for our Residents. They have the advantages of a large company but offer home-town service.

For more about Diamond Pharmacy, go to www.diamondpharmacy.com

Although Diamond is our primary pharmacy, Residents have the option to use a pharmacy of their choosing, as long as the requirements of Orchard Manor regulations are met.